Support Analyst
31st October, 2021
This position is responsible for providing all front-line IT technical support. This role works closely with the End User Support team, and when required to provide this support. To perform this role, the Support Analyst will have an understanding of software and hardware technologies used by the Agency in order to triage problems and pass them onto senior team members, keeping in mind the importance of speed of response and resolution.

•      Follow all Agency policies, procedures and instructions and take reasonable care for your own health, safety and wellbeing in the workplace.

•      Provide first level support to the Agency’s personnel for all IT systems, applications, and hardware.

•      Provide first level support for all video conferencing requirements.

•      Provide timely and accurate creation of all incident requests and service requests.

•      Provide timely and accurate advice relating to activities and management of the Agency’s knowledge and records and information management and technology operations.

•      Work collaboratively with the team to make the best use of their skills and capabilities.

•      Support the daily operations of the technology capability including integration with technology governance, risk management, security policy processes and alignment to technology architecture.

•      Support the maintenance of acceptable technical environments and operational standards for all server equipment and production systems throughout the organisation.

•      Support the deployment, monitoring, maintenance, upgrading and support for all systems.

•      Support the management of the infrastructure, application managers, and technology support and service delivery teams, to deliver high quality and timely services, as well as effective partnering with business units to deliver business solutions.

•      Support the management of an enterprise wide technical disaster recovery plan, including reviewing results of system tests, failures and overall technical conditions of critical systems and key components. 

•      Sustain effective, collaborative relationships and networking with all internal clients and external stakeholders.

•      Analyse, document and recommend improvements for the growth of technology infrastructure and associated systems.

•      Support the development and implementation of IT policies, procedures and service level agreements and measures to maintain a high level of infrastructure operations service delivery including those for architecture, disaster recovery, standards and procurement.

•      Provide a broad range of services relating to records and information management across The Agency, driving the implementation of structured digital information management for the Agency.

•      Internal technology security monitoring.

•      Provide advice across the Agency in managing records and the provision of record keeping services to Agency staff.

•      Support audits on information and records management, retention and lifecycle management of the Agency’s information and records.

•      Contribute to risk management meetings and contribute to risk management activities across the Agency.

•      Support the resource matrix arrangements for the Agency PMO to achieve outcomes for all projects within the Agency.


EDRMS Technical Administrator